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If you have ever stepped out of a hair salon delighted with your amazingly smooth hair & flaunted your way off about your day to a wedding or event & two hours later in the blistering heat (for our three weeks of summer) or a drizzle catches you and vooom your hair is frizz-tastic. The 12 week blow dry  – c is for you!

This amazing treatment is a keratin smoothing treatment where protein is added to the hair. It has changed my life! It has reduced my time getting ready in the morning by over half! I wash it & blast dry it – I think this is key if you leave it to dry naturally you don’t get the same finish but this takes me all of 10 minutes versus 30 mins drying & 10 mins straightening!

It takes about an hour and a half to get done & requires you to use post treatment shampoo & conditioner, there are also styling products such as serum & a spray that prolongs the affects of the treatment but these are not essential just lovely extras should you want them.

I find it a life saver (1st world problems) and notice a huge difference in the quality of my hair when I don’t have it done. I also find that the more I have had it done the better my condition & shine of my hair. You can’t get a colour done at the same time & it can fade the colour a little so factor this into your timings if you have dark coloured hair. It is 140 euro including your take home products (shampoo & conditioner). A definite must try for the fuzzy among us.


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