Spring Trends

So often the catwalk trends are not applicable to real life but yeeaaahhhh this Spring alot of the catwalk trends are making it through to the high fashion magazines and can be seen on ladies up and down the country.

There are some really exciting trends for those of us not afraid to play with colour.

Some of the over arching trends for the season:

1) Bright lips – a lot of red and berry and bright pink tones made it to the catwalk
and we are seeing this following through for the season its really nice to not leave them behind in the winter. I have attached a swatch of Decoderms new lip pastels. They are 15e in the salon and the Red Cherry is particularly on trend an inbetween red and pink shade that has a lovely pop of colour.
Decoderm Swatch smaller
2) Purple eyes – Whether it’s a hint of purple or a purple explosion there is alot of fun to be had bringing purple into your looks this spring – purple works really well with slate greys to create a workable eye. Using purples on the crease and just under the eye will bring in a pop of colour without feeling too 80’s. We did a fab purple and gold eye video tutorial for Christmas and if you eliminate the gold and use slate or a cream base you can use this look for Spring 2015 – the eyeshadows used were from Ingalot and Mac. Video Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzskHrxnHOc
3) Smokey eyes – Really blended smokey eyes are in this year – greys, blacks and navy tones can be used in block colours and really well blended to create a super smokey eye I think this one is reserved to the weekend unless you have a really nice employer. You can have a subtle smokey like the picture below or take the slate grey shade used in the image and bring it into the inner eye – the key to this look is to blend blend blend.
Smokey eye 2015
4) Flawless dewy skin – Great clear skin is a great base for the newest skin finish trend, Flawless skin there is defintley a trend for less is more – I find you don’t need to change your foundations for the finish but use less product and only use heavier product where you need it – to conceal under the eyes or on spots/breakouts. I would use a stipling brush  from Blank Canvas cosmetics which creates an airbrush finish to the skin. If you need heavier coverage but would still like a flawless finish I would use the F20 buffer brush from Blank Canvas and then use a flat foundation brush or a concealer brush to cover up imperfections. Key elements for a flawless dewy skin include using highlighter some of my favourites are MAC soft and gentle, The Balms Mary Lou Manizer and Urban Decays Naked shimmer highlighter.
Foundation Flawless
Links for brushes –
The flat buffer brush from Blank Canvas is also fantastic for a lovely airbrushed finish.
I promise I will try to not be as long with my next Blog post any questions about any of the above please feel free to mail 🙂
Love & Lashes
Niamh x x x x
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