All About the Brow – How to fill them & the different types of brow fillers

There are lots of different brow products on the market and one of the questions we commonly get asked is what is best for my brow type and how do I fill in my own brows at home.

My first bit of advice on brows is to get your brows shaped and tinted (if needed) professionally – semi regularly with a brow artist that has a great reputation for brows. Brows are such an important part of the structure of the face and can take away years and really shape the face when they are done correctly.

Some people will have a short and simple road to getting brows that are fairly similar some people have a longer road ahead of them as their brows might over plucked, too high or too low on their face from incorrect plucking or hair removal to give them the best shape possible. When things are not so straight forward a treatment like HD brows is advisable.

HD brows

A 7 step process where your brows are measured, waxed, custom coloured, threaded and tweezed and tailored where needed.


A brow can be re designed to soften angles (with a more rounded brow for an angular face), A more arched brow for a rounder face or a flatter brow for someone with a larger forehead – the shape of your brow can really define your features and is worth spending time getting it right.


During a HD brow treatment we take time with our clients after they have had their treatment to show them the natural gaps in their brows that tint has not taken too and how to fill in their brows to give them the best symmetry possible. So this is a good idea if you really have no idea how to fill your brows in but want to give them more definition.


HD brows are not for everyone but they can be done naturally, softly, or with more definition depending on the style you want – the HD brow stylist is guided by what the client wants, where they want their brows to get to and what they have to work with (which can sometimes be very surprising to first time clients who think they have nothing to work with and can come away with stunning results first time).


Filling your brows at home:


There are lots of different options for filling your brows at home now and products that range from a few euros to some more expensive pallets. For most people it is trial and error until they find something they like themselves. But here is a quick guide to the different products available.


Pencils: There are a number of different pencils on the market but our favourite is the HD brow tech it is a small nib, really easy to use, the colour is even when you apply it unlike alot of other pencils we have tried, you build the colour gradually and you can make the finish as softly or sharply as you would like and it is only 20.80e for a pro pen its a very good price and it lasts for ages. I use this for an everyday look its good to guide your shape and then for nighttime i use it to outline my brows and then I fill them in with a powder pallet. They come in three different shades vamp, foxy and bombshell and are a nightmare to keep in stock they fly off the shelf so if you see one grab it!

  • Good for: Natural Look & Outlines for nighttime or event make up, Brow beginners or people who are just starting to fill their brows.


No fill in left brow Anastacia Beverly Hills in right brow.



Powders: Again there are a huge number of brow pallets on the market – we work with HD brows and find the brow pallet excellent – it lasts for ages is multi functional – you can dip the brow brush in water and use the darker shades as liner, if your going on hols or away for the weekend, this is enough to bring as a shadow, brow fill and liner and has a mirror but the most important for us we find the colour is even – it doesn’t come out a different shade in different parts of the brow, the colour is buildable you can make it as soft or as heavy at your would like and there is a brow wax to set stray hairs. The pallet is 35e and comes in three different shades but again it lasts for ages. We also like the Jane Iredale bitty brow kit it is 24e and comes in three different shades, with brushes and wax so it is handy for your make up box. There are lots of different alternatives on the market we have heard good things about Catrice’s brow filler but for me the HD trumps anything else I have tried.

  • Good for: Filling in large gaps in the brows, for bringing colour into the brows as tint fades, people who want a fuller brow look.

HD brows pallet and Brow Tech pencil


Gels: By far and away the most popular product out there at the moment for gel brows is the dipbrow promenade by Anastacia Beverly Hills – it comes in a huge amount of colours from the US I bought mine on beauty bay. It comes with a brow brush and leaves a lovely defined look on the brows. It is not the easiest product to use – it can pick up a different shade in the brows depending on how much product is on the brush and the overall look can be quite heavy if your not careful but for someone who is used of filling their brows and confident with make up it is an exciting new product to try.

  • Good for: More definition, people who are used to filling their brows, people who like experimenting with new products.

Anastasia Beverly Hills


HD brow tech in left brow (softer finish), Anastacia Beverly Hills in left brow


How to measure and fill them:


One of the hardest things to do if you don’t have a good shape and tint to work with is to get your symmetry correct on your brows when you are filling them in it takes time and practice but can make a huge difference to the face and your overall features so it is worth working on :).


  • Measure the inside of the brow to where the brow should start using a pencil or skinny brush measure from the inside of the nose to the brow and put a little mark on where the brush meets the brow this is where the brows should start.


  • Find your arch/angle If you have a natural angle or arch in the brow this is easier but again keep trying different shapes and you will find the best brow shape to suit you. Look straight ahead and your arch should fall between the white of your eye and the outside corner of your eye. Mark your intended arch with a brow pencil.


  • Angle your brush from the outside of your nose to the end of your eyes and mark where you brush hits your brows should not be longer than this again mark your spot.


  • Now you have three points to work with fill 1 to 2 and then 2 to 3 as thickly or thinly as you want & repeat on the opposite side.


Best of luck if you have any questions be sure to drop us a mail 🙂

Happy Filling 🙂


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