Bella Beauty’s Top Tips for a relaxed Wedding Morning

We have extensive experience working with our Bella Beauty Brides and have put together Bella Beauty’s Top Tips for a relaxed Wedding Morning. Think of it as your morning checklist!

  • It’s your morning so you decide the times that suit you – work backwards think about when you want to arrive at the church or venue, leave the house, be in your dress, have your hair and make up finished so you can work with your suppliers in making it a stress free morning for you. When the photographer arrives he or she will most likely want to photograph your dress hanging up in a room – so have this ready and also factor this into your timings. Decide with your Hair and Beauty team if it works best for them to come to you or you to them if you don’t want to travel, want to be relaxed and stay in your robes having your Make Up Artist and Hair team come to you is a great idea but for some home is not that relaxing and it can be more relaxing coming into a salon.


  • Have music at the ready – nothing gets the house into the wedding spirit better than some of the brides and bridesmaids favourite tunes – delegate it to a bridesmaid and you won’t have to worry about it.


  • Pick your team wisely – your Hair and Make up team set the tone for the start of the biggest day of your life so try and establish a relationship with them before the big day, even through email and you’ll be chatting along like old friends in no time. Also try and pick a team that have a reputation for being organised – its easier for you if someone else has to tell your Mum, or sister that its time to get dressed, get in the shower etc.


Bella Beauty’s Top Tips For A Relaxed Wedding Morning


  • In their downtime get the bridesmaids to unbuckle any shoes, open any jewellery and packets of tights etc. before they start to get ready it means that when the time comes they can slip into their finery and be ready to help you without the problem of last minute broken nails or tags stuck on the bottom of shoes.


  • When the flowers arrive make sure there is enough for everyone (I would write out a list and have it ready to check against the flowers when they come) and that some one is organised to bring the grooms flowers to the church and that the florist has labeled them before they leave so there are no last minute mix ups 🙂 Normally they ladies ones are labeled Mum of Bride, Mum of Groom and they have something different like a diamanté in them but check before the florist leaves – sometimes everyone is so caught up about how fabulous the Bridal bouqets look that they forget to check the flowers for everyone else & then the florist is gone and Dad ends up wearing a female corsage 🙂


  • More flowers – Men to the Left and Women’s to the right when putting on flowers on the morning of the wedding – also ask your florist to put safety pins in your corsages as sometimes there are just pins and people can be fingers and thumbs trying to get them on.


  • Have some eating/down time put into your schedule so you don’t forget to eat on the morning even better delegate someone to pack you and your bridal party some dress appropriate (aka not messy) sandwiches for in between the church and the venue.


Bella Beauty’s Top Tips For A Relaxed Wedding Morning

  • Make sure your Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist can stay until your in your dress for the last minute touch ups and so they can show your bridesmaids how to take your veil or headpiece in or out without disturbing your hair – you can have your veil in early without it annoying you by wrapping it around your hand so it does not crease and is out of your way, if your stylist has to leave before you do I would get them to secure the veil or headpiece first if at all possible – they are the professionals and it’s less likely to budge if they put it in.


  • Have your lip colour agreed with your makeup artist and have a top up as well as any powder you might need (if you are oily) or your key products in a bag that you can get to when getting your pictures done – lots of brides shoot off with the groom for couple photos and realise they have left their lip colour or powder with their bridesmaids.


  • Relax, Enjoy and Smile – the most beautiful pictures of a bride are the truly beaming photos where you think their smile couldn’t possible strech any further. That beaming happiness can’t be bought and you can’t ever re do this morning so enjoy every second. When we were running out the door the morning of my wedding I felt really rushed and pressured so I made my Dad and my bridesmaids come back into the kitchen and we danced around to the Haywrap by the Saw Doctors (a family favourite) so we all left in great humour and on our terms. It was the best decision I made and there is video evidence to prove it 🙂


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