Facial Reflexology the key to relaxation

Facial reflexology is an amazingly relaxing treatment. People might have heard of reflexology on the feet. This is a similar treatment you use the exact same points and work on the same organs and systems as you do on the feet – but the intensity of facial reflexology is gorgeous. It combines the luxury of facial massage with the well being of Reflexology.

Reflex points represent different parts of the body. By working on these reflex points you can work on the associated organs and systems. It has hugely beneficial affects in lots of areas including hormonal balancing. thyroid, sleep issues, anxiety, fertility, menopausal symptoms.

facial reflexology

It is very popular in pregnancy and has had a number of studies done on the benefits for both mother and baby by obs & gyn consultants in the UK. It is also now certified to be used for Cancer care to help with the symptoms associated with cancer treatment.
A stand alone Facial Reflexology treatment can be booked in a 30 min stress buster session 30e or an hour long full Reflexology session 60e, you can also book a combo Face then Feet treatment which lasts an hour 60e.
Niamh is a very experienced skin therapist and reflexologist and loves bringing her two passions together.
To book in for your treatment text 0876121744 or contact the salon on 09677391 for apts.
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