It’s all about La La Lashes

Lashes have really taken off with so many options available it’s hard to know what is right for each occasion. So the lovely ladies at Bella Beauty in Ballina have decided to lay it all it out; the good the bad and the fluttery.

Lash tints have been around for years and are a great staple treatment giving definition to your lashes all year round & giving you a great lift sans make up first thing in the morning. They take about 20/25 mins the most popular colour is blue black which gives a really shiny finish and costs 12/15 euro in most salons. The results last up to 6 weeks & you can use mascara on the ends to give your eyelashes a lift. This is really good for people who are not confident with mascara or don’t want to put their mascara to the root.

Individual cluster lashes have become really popular with make up applications or on their own – adding definition and drama for those all important events they can be put on in small, medium or long and tend to last for 2/3 days on most people with some lucky people getting a week to two week out of their applications. This is one of the most popular applications really popular with bridal parties. They cost 15 euro to apply or 10 as an add on to a make up application and take 10 mins to apply.

The new kid on the block (well we have been doing them for nearly four years 🙂 are the Mink Semi Permanent Eyelashes. These are applied to your own individual lashes, and they are amazing. They are tailored to the look you want to achieve.

The most popular are J – straight lashes, C curl lashes and B lashes (which are in the middle of the popular J & C). They also come in varying thickness and length so you can totally tailor a look to an individual. Some ladies want a natural application that gives them that wow factor when they wake up in the morning feeling utterly glamorous with no make up on while other ladies want the full Kim Kardashian effect which is full on glam or something in between.

The lashes grow out with your own natural lash cycle so typically last 4-12 weeks – how long they last on application depend on on a number of things but the biggest determining factor is at what stage of growth your lashes are at when you have a treatment and how long the cycle is from growth to shed. Some ladies have very short lashes (start of their growth cycle) in between their long lashes and get great length from their application and some ladies have very long flutterers (end of their growth cycle) and don’t get as long on their first application.

The overall look is determined by the consultation, what the client wants but also what can be achieved by the lashes that are already there The mink lashes take an hour to an hour and a half to apply and last between 4-12 weeks they cost 60 for a full application and a re-fill which is a top up is normally 50 euro every few weeks – again depending on the natural cycle and whether someone wants a full lash for a particular event.

We would recommend a patch test with all lash treatments which only take 2 mins to do.

All of the above lash treatments are available from Bella Beauty Ballina – see HERE

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