Skin Preprobiotic Cleanser + Good Fats Gift Set


Pairing PreProbiotic Cleanse, 01 of our Core 4 range, and Skin Good Fats of the Skingredients Mix + Match range just makes sense! These two hydrating, nourishing, and gentle products are the perfect daily antidote to skin which needs a little soothing and hydrating. They’re perfect for skin which might feel sensitive, reaction, or a little irritated, too.

Here’s a nerdie tip for intense hydration and soothing: mix one pump of PreProbiotic Cleanse with Skin Good Fats and apply in a thin layer over your skin from the nipples up to use it as a luxurious, hydrating mini-mask. Leave it in place for 20 minutes while you listen to a delightful podcast or sip away at a cup of peppermint tea, before cleansing it away with your Cleanse Off Mitt!

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Grab this soothing and hydrating duo to nurture balance and soothe dry, dehydrated, annoyed or itchy skin. PreProbiotic Cleanse is your hydrating daily cleanser and makeup remover, formulated with a pre and probiotic complex to nourish skin – and it pairs perfectly with Skin Good Fats, your luxurious, ceramide-rich night cream and moisturiser. If you’re seeking to hydrate, smooth, and calm skin (even delicate skin around the eyes), then this is a match made in skin-soothing Nerdvana


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